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Destini a quattrozampe Ci siamo. Chissà a quanti, tra i lettori di Vimax Magazine, sarà capitato di essere lontani dalla routine quotidiana, e con il cervello finalmente in vacanza, ma… vedere qualcosa che non puoi mettere da parte, che ti spinge a dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo.

Anche a me è successo. Ero in Sicilia, terra che amo moltissimo, ma che, lo riconosco, è anche la patria delle contraddizioni. Segno che anche per gli animali, come per gli uomini, il contesto nel quale si nasce e si cresce fa la differenza. La fa eccome. Proprio come un bambino che nasce in un confortevole ospedale rispetto a uno che vede la luce sotto il dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo di paglia di una capanna.

Ma, forse, tutti noi potremmo fare qualcosa. Piccole cose, certo, ma determinanti per educare a una corretta coscienza civica nella convivenza coi nostri amici quattrozampe. Perché è vero che il contesto in cui si nasce spesso vuol dire tutto anche per gli animali, ma è altrettanto vero che noi, nel nostro piccolo, possiamo fare la differenza per garantire il loro dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo.

A four-legged destiny Here we are. Summer has just finished and the holidays are, unfortunately, already barely a memory. Who knows, dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo some of you were far away from their daily routines, with the brain finally on holiday, when… they saw something that they could not ignore, that made them reflect.

That is dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo happened to me. I was in Sicily - a land full of contradictions. Beautiful sea and enchanting views have dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo very sad downside: the country is flooded with stray dogs that wander alone, in small and large packs. And I thought… I thought about the beautiful villa that I saw once on Lake Garda: the owner had a house made expressly for his pets, which looked like a small mansion, with all comforts, from heating for the cold winter to air conditioning for the hot summer days.

And I thought about the many people and not only in the USA, where often the news report about stars and tycoons that spend thousands of dollars to pamper in luxury their pets that do not care for the money they spend for their dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo friends and let them live in such a dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo that is sometimes unusual even for men.

The reflection came natural: on the one side there are pets that have nothing, like the stray dogs in Sicily, on the other there are pets that lack for nothing, not even for the weirdest accessories, whatever the cost for their owners. This means that also for pets, like for men, the context in which they were born and live makes the difference.

Just like a child that was born in a comfortable hospital compared to one that came into the world in a hut. But we can contribute. A specific law is not enough to eliminate the shameful pet abandonment: without the active contribution of the people that, via information and professionally correct advice, support civic sense, you cannot guide the old and new generations towards an upgraded sense of responsibility towards pets.

That is the purpose: all the people that work in the pet supplies market, from the specialized retailer to the veterinary doctor, from the distributor to the manufacturer, must educate the pet owners, since they are the only ones that, through their professional attitude, can make the difference. Small deeds, sure, but essential to promote pet care awareness. Since, if the context where you were born is important also for pets, we can dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo make sure they live a healthy life.

Also a small deed can make the difference. Deliziosi spuntini, i Milkies piacciono a ogni gatto e, come ricompensa o come condimento, sono speciali in ogni momento.

Realizzati a base di latte, prodotti lattiero-caseari e frutta, i Milkies sono privi di glutine e facili da digerire. Sono disponibili in quattro gusti: Balance con vitamina D ed E, Beauty con zinco, Active con taurina, Harmony con malto. Cats love Milkies - delicious snacks for any moment, tasty rewards or topping that turn any moment into a special one. You can also use them to add taste to water.

Based on milk, dairy products and fruit, Milkies are gluten free and easy to digest. Realizzata a mano, questa confortevole amaca per gatti è montata su un cavalletto di legno robusto, ma leggero. This comfortable handmade hammock on stand for cats is made of hardwood and constructed of four pieces that slide into each other; it can be assembled and taken apart in a few dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo.

When the cat needs a nice, comfortable nap, the hammock is ready! The two-sided sling is excellent for all seasons: soft fleece for winter warmth, cotton for summer coolness. Several colours and patterns available to suit any indoor at best.

Il tutto, stando comodamente seduti in poltrona. E quando è finito il momento della coccola, si appende dappertutto. It massages, scratches and can also become a leash: it is DogClaw, a stick that turns a caress into a moment of deep pleasure. DogClaw has an extremity with five talons that massage the dog; it is specially designed to penetrate any thickness of fur.

Hang one by the front door for a quick grab anytime. Su e giù, avanti e indietro Basta un piccolo movimento del polso e il Woofstick scatta in qualsiasi direzione: il cane salta e corre per inseguirlo fino a quando non si sente soddisfatto. Bastano pochi minuti di allenamento quotidiano per mantenere il peso forma.

Up and down, dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo and forth… the pet is indefatigable when it plays with Woofstick. The product comes complete with a collapsible water bowl, too, to keep the dog properly hydrated during exercise. Just a few minutes of training are enough to keep the pet healthy and fit.

La gamma di articoli è disponibile dalla misura 24 del chihuahua alla del wolfhound irlandese. Designed to protect the dog against rain and bad weather, the collection Trendy4Paws is inspired to fashion and developed with creativity. The modern, high quality, water-resistant trenches are made with innovative materials to be durable and keep the pet clean, warm and dry with any weather.

The models come from the size 24 for a Chihuahua to for a Wolfhound. Cosa implicano questi programmi? The range offers physiologic food developed with bird fresh meat and supplemented with functional and specific ingredients: they preserve the organism balance to provide cats with a healthy and happy life. Fine fresh meat mousse can meet the instinct of carnivores such as cats, while supplements such as nutraceuticals help preserve longterm balance.

The extract of apple promotes oral hygiene, while cranberries support and preserve the functionality of the urinary tract. What are their features? Here we go: - Baby Care Program — It features specific products to meet the needs of growing kittens. Agrumi, mirtilli rossi, prebiotici, menta piperita e propoli arricchiscono le formule Trainer Natural contribuendo a migliorare lo stato di salute e il benessere del gatto. Functional nutrition is the modern approach aiming the beneficial effects of certain substances on the organism, thanks to the combination with specific ingredients and with dry fruit and vegetable extract.

In che modo? It is available in both dry and moist version. Extremely digestible ingredients and noble protein sources fresh chicken meat for dry version and salmon for moist version support the maintenance of the ideal weight and the muscular tone, supporting the health of the urinary tract.

In nature cats hunt different types of prey, varying the protein source to guarantee essential amino acids without nutritional unbalances. That is why cats often demand for different flavours: it is a real nutritional need. To change flavour dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo altering the digestive system, traditional formulas require food transition.

That is why the range offers different formulas that meet the needs related to physiologic condition and to life style. Three Adult recipes are suited for adult even neutered cats that live outdoors, while three Adult Sterilised recipes are specifically dedicated to sedentary neutered or non neutered cats living indoors.

The products contain: - Fresh meat — dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo of noble proteins with elevated biological value, suited for carnivores such as cats; - Cranberry extract — rich in antioxidating substances. It helps preserve the health and functionality of urinary tract; - Propolis, peppermint and apple extract — they support the correct oral hygiene and fresh breath; - Dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo and FOS — they help improve the digestive efficiency; - Seaweed, zinc and biotin — suited to improve the beauty of coat and to preserve the skin healthy.

All products do not contain artificial preserving, colouring, flavouring agents added. They are not tested on animals. Per questo la gamma offre diverse formule che rispondono ai fabbisogni legati allo stadio fisiologico e allo stile di vita: tre ricette Adult indicate per soggetti. Sono ora disponibili mousse in coppetta, bocconcini in morbido paté in lattina, bocconcini in salsa in busta sia per gattini, gatti adulti, gatti sterilizzati e soggetti maturi.

Tutti i prodotti sono realizzati rigorosamente senza conservanti, coloranti o aromatizzanti artificiali aggiunti. Non testati sugli animali. A portata di click Dal sito di Zoomark International tante novità sulla fiera in programma da 7 al 10 maggio Dalle news di settore alle informazioni sulla fiera, dalla sua storia alle modalità pratiche per esporre e visitare, fino al ticket online.

In questo modo, si propone ancor più quale indispensabile mezzo per conoscere le varie fasi di preparazione del salone, per sapere chi ci sarà e cosa farà, per approfondire i numerosi aspetti legati alla partecipazione alla fiera e, dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo, per rendere più semplice e fruttuosa la presenza al Salone.

Sulla Homepage spiccano in evidenza la fotogallery e la videogallery che con un solo click conducono alle rispettive sezioni ricche dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo belle immagini e novità assoluta di filmati in dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo su youtube: gli ospiti vip delle scorse edizioni, le esibizioni di unità cinofile, le varie aree del Salone, gli acquari più scenografici, le sfilate e i prodotti più originali.

La sezione Highligths evidenzia le notizie da non perdere, sia relative a Zoomark International che al mercato del pet. Dalla Homepage è facile accedere a tutte le altre sezioni del sito in modo diretto e immediato. Dedicate specificamente a chi ha intenzione di essere presente a Zoomark International in veste di espositore o di visitatore, le due sezioni sono ricche di informazioni utili.

Sono inoltre specificati i costi e le modalità di partecipazione, oltre a tutte le informazioni per organizzare il viaggio e il soggiorno. A chi intende visitare Zoomark International, vengono offerte tutte le indizioni utili per accedere alla struttura, acquistare i biglietti, arrivare e soggiornare a Bologna. Buyers and exhibitors will find all the information they need to get the best from their participation dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo the show.

The Highlights section dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo the latest news about Zoomark International as well as the industry. From the Homepage you can easily reach any other section of the website. You can find answers to your questions in the Quick Links section: information about admittance, dates and time, how to reach the show, how to enrol and all the FAQs. You can also browse the show catalogue, take advantage of the many promotional dove acquistare a Yekaterinburg patogeno cavallo and contact the organisers directly.

La versione pdf è ovviamente anche stampabile per avere sempre a portata di mano tutto quanto serve sapere sulla prossima edizione del Salone. Devoted specifically to whom are interested in taking part in Zoomark International as exhibitors or visitors, the two sections are rich in useful information. The Exhibitors Area includes the list of the advantages offered to exhibitors, the conditions of participation and the online application form as well as details on how to arrange the stay in Bologna.

The Visitors Area supplies information on how to reach the show, buy tickets, where to overnight. Web surfers can also sign up to receive the Newsletter that is sent out periodically to inform pet business people about the forthcoming event and the industry development. From the Homepage you can also download the show brochure summarizing the basic information about Zoomark International The Homepage includes also banners and hyperlinks to the websites of partner organisations.

From BolognaFiere — the exhibition centre that hosts the show — to other leading trade shows as well as Euromonitor International. The News section includes useful information for the pet care industry.